About Nomiky

Our business was born out of a real need felt by real parents. Everything we do is about finding solutions that make life easier for parents through simple, functional designs.

Enjoying The Crazy Parenthood Ride!

Hello! Osnat here. Thanks for stopping by! Let me tell you a little bit about how Nomiky was born. 

I founded the brand in 2014 inspired by my two daughters, Amit and Noam (Nomiky combines both their names). I've always loved fashion and worked as a children's clothes designer. 

Now, I've taken things one step further, and combined my love of great kids' clothes with my belief that becoming a mom shouldn't hold you back - in life or in style. 

Right from the get-go, when my kids were babies, I took them out in a baby carrier. I loved having them close to me, and I also wanted them to learn from the world around them, so I took them with me whenever I could, whether it was hiking in the hills or just running to the store. 

But whenever I stepped out of the house, I was always coming up against the same issue: the weather. Is the sun too strong? Is it too windy? What if it rains? As with so many parenting dilemmas, I tried so many different ways to try and protect my daughters - but nothing worked how I needed it to. Some products were too complicated or uncomfortable or blocked the airflow around them, while others were just plain awkward. 

| also wanted it in beautiful colours and prints. For me being a parent shouldn't mean suffering a 'style bypass' – you should still be free to express yourself however you want, and the products you choose for your kids should be chic enough that you can go anywhere, any time and still feel like you. 

I want Nomiky to be a company that's all about kids – and all about their parents, too. Raising a family is one of the most incredible things you can do - but none of us have all the answers, and we're all learning along the way. As parents, finding products that work, and brands we can trust with our most precious cargo – our kids - is everything. I hope you enjoy Nomiky as much as I do 

and that it inspires you to be yourself, get out into the world with your little ones and enjoy this crazy parenting ride we're all on together! 


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