Questions? We got you covered!

Questions? We got you covered!

I'm a retailer – how can I get in contact?

If you're looking to make a bulk purchase for your store, take a look at our retailer's page here.

What does the Nomiky Canopy pack actually consist of?

The Nomiky Canopy consists of two anti-slip magnetic cloth straps, the shade with four magnetic strips, a unique clip and a handy bag. To see more, check out our video on how it all works.

Does the canopy protect against UV rays?

Yes, it does! The canopy is made out of a breathable knit cloth with a density that protects from the sun's rays as well as the rain.

How big is the bag?

The bag comfortably fits the canopy and the magnetic straps, with a little extra space for  your other baby essentials. You can also use it as a storage bag when the canopy is in use.

What type of baby carriers can be used with the Nomiky Canopy?

The Nomiky Canopy fits most baby carriers with straps, and works when the baby is facing  both outwards and towards the carrier.

Is the Nomiky Canopy easy to use and carry?

Yes! The Nomiky Canopy can be adjusted for the comfort of the baby and the carrier.  Thanks to the magnets, once it's attached, only one hand is needed to secure the shade.  After you've achieved the desired position, you can walk around hands-free, while your  baby enjoys the full protection of the canopy without disruption to their airflow or view. It  also folds away easily. 

Is it safe for babies?

The Nomiky Canopy meets international standards of baby safety. There are no small or  moving parts. 

How is the Nomiky Canopy different from other shade products?

Most shade products don't fully cover the baby, and in some cases are just a piece of cloth  that is attached to the baby carrier. They don't protect the baby from exposure to the sun  and other weather conditions, they do not allow flow of air to the baby, and sometimes  there is a risk of suffocation.  

The Nomiky Canopy protects the baby from all sides and from various weather conditions,  and it can be adjusted while enabling air flow.

Can i breasfeed with the Nomiky Canopy?

Yes! The Nomiky Canopy provides a protective cover so that you can breastfeed in private.

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