Simplifying the Parenthood Journey

Keep your baby comfortable, whatever the weather!

Be Chic in Motion

We have developed the first-ever
weather-proof baby carrier canopy to protect any baby from the elements.
It is chic enough that you can go anywhere, any time and still feel like you.

When it comes to kids, safety is everything

Whether you're runing to the store, walking the dog or hiking with friends, Nomiky Canopy protects your baby from harmful UV-rays and the other elements.

The detachable Nomiky canopy is the
perfect enhancment to your current baby carrier.
Be it sun wind or rain, the Nomiky Canopy has you and your baby covered.

Let your baby see the world when they’re awake and keep them snug when they’re asleep

The Nomiky Canopy is patented world wide and
it’s flexible design allows the carrier to attach to
most baby carriers with straps

Simplifying the Parenthood Journey

We know raising a family is one of the most incredible things you can do, but it can be challenging and confusing at times, too. We’re here to make life a little bit simpler for parents – and their kids. By simplifying the parenthood journey for all, we want to enable you to worry that little bit less, and get out and enjoy life that little bit more

Designed for Everyday Use Maximum safety and comfort

Nomiky canopy keeps babies protected from the elements, lets them feel snug and cozy when they’re asleep and keeps their view wide open to stimulate curiosity when they’re awake.
It also allowes them to enjoy a flow of fresh air and balances their body heat.

Ultimate protection from heat, wind, rain and UV rays

The Canopy is water - repellent to protect
from rain and wind, and has a UV - resistant
coating that blocks the sun

Anti Slip Magnetic Technology

The Canopy has powerful magnetic strips that attach to the straps.
you can use the Canopy in both front and back carriers, either while your baby is facing outwards or facing you

Fully adjustable coverage

The Chic Canopy can be easily modified
to various angles and positions for ultimate comfort and protection: extended, partially extended or collapsed.
You can choose your position & angle depending on the weather, location, and whether or not it’s time for a nap.
The canopy also allows you to breastfeed discreetly while wearing your baby carrier.

Attaches to most Baby Carriers with Straps

The fkexible design allows the canopy to
attach to most baby carriers with straps

Easy to use

Nomiky’s proprietary canopy is stress-free,
quick to assemble and easy to use, enabling
you to be present for what really matters
...our precious parenthood moments.

What’s in the pack?

The Nomiky Canopy includes a water-repellant sunshade-canopy,tow anti-slip magnetic straps and a bag.

Our multi purpose bag has a lot of room, so you can use it to keep baby towels,bibs and other accessories inside, when the canopy is in use,!

Designed for Versatility

The Nomiky Canopy is super chic and is avaliable in three beautiful
colors &patterns

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Nomiky Sunshade Canopy Light Summer

Launching Soon
A new more breathable lightweight
version for hot days

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